ImagineH2O’s Smart Water Hub brings China a step closer to Environmental Sustainability

ImagineH2O’s Smart Water Hub brings China a step closer to Environmental Sustainability

China continues to invest to protect the environment and improve quality of water, air and soil. The total investment will reach € 2.15 trillion1 in the next five years according to Chinese government’s estimate, a significant growth (20%). Waste water treatment, waste management and air pollution control are the biggest 3 sub-sectors by market value, which together will take about 40% of the total investment in the environment sectoror € 837.5 billion1 by the end of 2020. China has also tightened the standards in water treatment, sewage discharge and emissions. Advanced and suitable technologies and solutions are in urgent demand to increase the capacity and professionalism of environment management in municipality and industries. Private capital is welcomed and new business model and innovation is encouraged.

Therefore, Imagine H2O, the global water innovation accelerator, will launch its inaugural China initiative in 2018. Emerging water technology businesses with a commitment to the China market will benefit from mentorship, customer and investor introductions and exclusive market visibility at the Imagine H2O Smart Water Hub at Aquatech China (part of WieTec ‘18), the world’s largest water tradeshow. Together with program partners Isle Utilities and PureTerra Ventures an exciting program will be  organized at the Hub in which Industrial and Municipal Challenges, Needs and Best Practices in the Chinese market will be showcased  Amongst the Industrial End Users and Municipalities and (waste) Water treatment companies we welcome water experts from Amane Advisors, IWA China, Ecoleap Ventures and Cleanpath China in the IH2O Smart Water panel discussions and these experts will also judge the International Smart Water Innovations during three Dragon Den style pitch sessions. 

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Thursday, May 31, 2018 to Saturday, June 2, 2018


Shanghai, China (WieTec 2018)

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Event includes lunch
Event includes dinner