Horizon 2020 found to be meeting its objectives, but is underfunded

Horizon 2020 found to be meeting its objectives, but is underfunded

A new assessment of the first years of Horizon 2020, the EU's research and innovation programme, shows that it is on track to help create jobs and growth, tackle our biggest societal challenges and improve people's lives. Horizon 2020 has clear European added value by producing demonstrable benefits compared to national or regional-level support, but it has been so successful in attracting the best researchers and innovators that it could have spent four times its budget in support of excellent projects.

These are some of the main findings of the interim evaluation of Horizon 2020 published today by the European Commission.

Carlos Moedas, Commissioner for Research, Science and Innovation said: "Horizon 2020's interim evaluation and stakeholder feedback confirm that an EU programme for research and innovation is an invaluable asset for Europe that fuels economic growth, creates the jobs of tomorrow and tackles the societal challenges of our time. However, we can always do even better, and will use the lessons learned to make Horizon 2020's last three years even more effective, and to design a fit-for-purpose successor programme".

The interim evaluation provides a comprehensive assessment of Horizon 2020 after its first three years. Of the first 11,000 projects funded so far, less than 10% have already finished (and their budget is less than 0.6% of the budget committed), so it is too early to talk about the final impact of Horizon 2020. However, the programme is already funding research and innovations that will make a difference to the economy and to people's lives.

More at http://ec.europa.eu/research/evaluations/index_en.cfm?pg=h2020evaluation