Why get involved

The EIP Water sets out to facilitate:

  1. Innovative solutions for sustainable water management, sustainable growth and job creation. The overall aim of the EIP Water is to promote the development of innovative solutions for sustainable water management, and thus opportunities for growth and job creation. The major benefit from getting involved in the EIP Water is to become an active partner in the EIP activities, through participating in Action Groups or using EIP Water tools.

  2. Visibility and exposure. Participation in the EIP Water creates visibility and exposure of an organization’s activities, leading to a positive reputation, increased networking and/or an increased share in water innovation transfer. For example, a project submitted by an Action Group within the EIP Water will be able to use the label of the EIP Water for external communication purposes, attracting exposure and potential interested markets.

  3. Network opportunities. The EIP Water has already, and will further develop a wide network of actors within the field of water and innovation. The EIP Water will facilitate the contacts and the use of the international network may lead to potential partners.

  4. Use of EIP Water tools. The EIP Water develops a number of tools that are focused on and available to all actors in the field of water and innovation. An Online Marketplace was launched in the summer of 2013 to facilitate the identification of partners for joining development of water innovation, and to promote water innovation projects, products and services. At EIP Water Conferences, Action Groups will present their work and foster new partnerships. 

  5. Policy development: Involvement in the EIP Water offers ways to promote specific policy changes towards an improved innovation transfer in the water sector. Action Groups will report on the innovation barriers they encounter and on proposals for their removal. Ad-hoc Expert Groups will develop these experiences into policy recommendations, which will be brought forward to the relevant levels by the Steering Group. Actors in the EIP Water will therefore have indirect influence on innovation policy making.

    This includes recommendations with regard to financing and the accessibility to EU funding instruments. Although the EIP Water does not have its own budget, it will make use of existing EU financial mechanisms by creating direct links to for example the research and innovation programme Horizon 2020, LIFE+ and the Structural, Rural Development and Cohesion funds. This means that projects already running and working on one of the action items of the EIP Water will have good potential for funding in the coming years. Guarantees can of course never be given, since there is a lot of competition in this area.

  6. Information on innovation transfer for sustainable water management. The EIP Water offers free and transparent access on compiled information on water related innovation and the results of the activities within the framework of the EIP Water, fostering dissemination and visibility.