EIP Water tools

The EIP Water develops and implements a series of tools to support and facilitate the development of water related innovation in Europe and beyond. These tools will not necessarily be linked to the priorities of the EIP Water, but will be open to any stakeholder in the water sector and interested in innovate solutions and approaches. Existing tools that have been developed since 2013 are:

  • EIP Water Conference

EIP Water Conferences, open to a wide audience, will be organized to present the activities of the Action Groups and the progress in implementing the EIP Water, its tools and activities. Two such Conferences have been held until date - in Brussels and Barcelona in 2013 and 2014 respectively - and the next EIP Water Conference is scheduled for 10 February 2016 in Leeuwarden (NL).

  • Online Marketplace

The objective of the Online Marketplace is to create and establish a digital hub for water innovation “matchmaking” - by connecting problem owners with owners of solutions, regardless of their geographical position. The Marketplace offers a large variety of features, driven by the stakeholders' interests, and is continuously optimised.