Free H2020 EnergyWater Training Session

Free H2020 EnergyWater Training Session

The EnergyWater project aims to improve energy efficiency of water processing in industry by developing a dedicated web-tool to help energy managers and auditors support their clients with a more focused approach to better water processing energy efficiency.

WssTP will be holding a free-to-attend one day workshop on the 13th of February in Brussels, with the aim to train energy specialists in the use of the Energy Management Self-Assessment (EMSA) web-tool and explore the latest developments in best practice related to energy efficiency measures in industrial water processes.

On completion of the training, participants can become part of the Energy Angel Network, an online searchable database that is going to act as a central resource for the 1000+ companies that will be engaged throughout the project period.


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To learn more about the project, please visit the dedicated website.

Event Information

Date of event: 

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


WssTP Headquarters, Brussels

Other event information: 

Event includes lunch
Event includes dinner