Founding director Duska Disselhoff

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Background in industrial design engineering.
Gained 12 years of international work experience with Shell in The Netherlands, Brunei, Singapore, and North America. Several assignments completed in engineering, project management, and strategic innovation. In my role as Green Infrastructure program manager I managed all initiatives and (pilot) projects related to innovative water technologies including constructed wetland systems.
Started my own company in 2018 and have developed a techno-economic optimization model to evaluate different investment opportunities in cross-sector water re-use infrastructure (treatment and transport). The tool facilitates collaboration between different stakeholders in the water basin (municipalities, industry, agrisector, nature conservation organizations), and informs policy making around wastewater disposal and differentiating water pricing systems.

Please contact me if you are interested in applying our model to find out what the best wastewater re-use options are for your asset or project.