Find an expert

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We provide an elaborated semantic expert finder for the EIP Water Marketplace. Once completed their complete profile, users will be found through the expert finder system.

Once you go to your matchmaking area  you may search for experts. Describe the expert you are searching for in

  • specifing the water related topic  2  in which the searched experts work in
  • choosing the industry sector  from whom the expert should come from
  • focusing on one or more geographical regions  in your search for the expert.

Results are getting more precise with every refinement you made. If you searching for an expert which covers a specfic role (e.g. research, marketer or other), use the slider  and browse the experts along the water life cycle (from "basic research" to "product"  ).

To get a better ranking of the resulting list of people, order them by the data provided in your own profile. This may rank those first, which are most interesting to you, in the given search.

without ranking
with ranking