Export Projects

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Our project directory lists our user's projects. You can search and filter the results according to your interests for immediate reading, or receive a personalised XML feed which can be used for re-using the content in other systems.  Visit the projects directory and filter the displayed projects according to your interests. 

By clicking on  you get a filtered XML file for the chosen topics and selections. This file can by downloaded via the URL shown by the system. Every call of this file delivers the projects matching (with your specific filtering) and is permanently available to feed your XML systems.



Standard parameters

  • {SEARCH-TERM}: any search term, provided via GUI
  • {TOPIC-CODE}: selected topics, provided via GUI
  • {COUNTRY-CODE}: selected countries, provided via GUI
  • {DEMOSITE}: code to filter demo sites, provided via GUI
  • {INNO-DEMO}: code to filter inno demo projects, provided via GUI


Additional parameters
which have to be manualy added to the URL

  • ​{NAME}: gatekeepers name to filter results
  • {SORT-MODE}: code for different sorting mechanisms
    • possible values: sort by "title"
    • sort by date "created" - ascending
    • sort by date "created_1" - decending