Evaluations of our earlier Conferences have enabled us to learn a lot about what participants expect and look for at a one-day event. Thus we gave attendees of #EIPWater2016 the opportunity to evaluate different aspects of the event.

While our first conference in Brussels (2013) received a very positive evaluation with an average mark of 3,8, this result increased to 4,2 for the Barcelona conference in 2014. This high level could be maintained for #EIPWater2016 in Leeuwarden, with an average mark 4,3, and for selected aspects it was even possible to improve these marks (see above.)

Participants were asked to which extent the conference fulfilled their expectations. The result reflects the positive perception. On average, 79% of the expectations were fulfilled by the conference, very few attendees answered that the conference could not meet their expectations - Thank you for your contributions, we aim to improve further for #EIPWater2017 in June 2017.

Finally it was assessed whether the visitors attended the conference for the first time or if they participated already in earlier events. This survey showed that 69% were new visitors and 31% attended either one or two of the earlier conferences.