European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018

European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018

Ctrl+SWAN Action Group in collaboration with Water Alliance and Brightwork will co-organize a dedicated theme sessions during European Water Tech Week Leeuwarden 2018 September 24 – 27th 2018.

Session 1 - New sensor technology in the water industry

Water utilities are realizing that data create insight and are willing to invest in gathering data and exploring data science. Reports are revealing that investments in this respect over the next three years will outstrip past investments in information management. In the water utilities sector the core driver for investments will be efficiency and cost focus. Sensor technology will become crucial as the basis for data driven operations, for smart management and real-time monitoring of water systems. Which sensors are on the verge of breaking through and why? An overview is presented and reviewed.

Session 2 - Big data and fast data, where to start?

While big data has received significant attention in recent years, most water utilities are lacking the proper software and know-how to build methodologies to analyse big data in an efficient way. Also the need for speed is sometimes overlooked. Water utilities are increasingly requiring near real time data to effectively and efficiently execute water management. Fast Data Strategy is a disciplined approach to the use of agile, real-time, self-service data technologies to deliver data quickly to users to effect faster outcomes. Depending on use types, the speed at which organizations can convert data into insight and then to action is considered just as critical as the ability to leverage big data, if not more so.

Session 3 - How to create a digital disruption in the water utility value chain?

While the importance of both new sensor technologies and fast data strategies is underlined in the earlier sessions, in this last session we are going to focus upon practical international and cross sectoral collaboration options to identify economic project opportunities. How can we use big and fast data to optimize water resources, save energy and operational expenses. Based on a series of pitches an interactive discussion will focus upon creating collaborating opportunities between water utilities and technology providers. The aim is to create (international) follow up projects.  

The theme session will be used to create cross links and collaboration opportunities. You are invited to join, save the date!

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