EIP Water welcomes four new Action Groups

EIP Water welcomes four new Action Groups

After its third call for expressions of interest the EIP Water is pleased to announce the selection of four new EIP Water Action Groups (AG’s). These four newly-selected groups bring the total to 29 Action Groups. They help reach EIP Water’s goal of proper representation over all eight priority areas as defined in the EIP Water Strategic Implementation Plan (SIP). Furthermore, they contribute to a more balanced representation of participating partners from the Member States of the European Union. 

The EIP Water would like to thank all applicants for the strong proposals that they have submitted. The proposals showed that the applicants had understood very well the objectives and intentions of the EIP Water, where Action Groups aim to connect practice-based water innovation with addressing encountered barriers and suggesting policy recommendations. As intended in the call, most applicants also focused clearly on the commercialization phase, or the scaling up and dissemination, of the aimed innovation.



The evaluation process of AG applications was conducted with broad expert input from a range of sources within and outside the EIP Water. The evaluation and selection criteria were published in the application guideline and can be summarized as follows: 
•    Strength of relationship to the SIP
•    Presence of innovative concepts linked to demand and/or market potential
•    Team strength and composition
•    Considerations on governance
•    Clarity of goals

The four selected Action Groups are:

  • AG201 Photocatalysis - This AG aims to work on photocatalysis technology in removal of pollutants and disinfection to re-use the treated water for urban, industrial and/or agricultural purposes. Lead partner is INAEL electrical systems S.A. More information is available at AG201.
  • AG224 Smart Rivers Network – This AG promotes multi-stakeholder river contracts for application in Eastern and Central European countries with methods and tools to overcome administrative limitations. Lead partner is University of Rome “La Sapienza” CIRPS - unit AEREL. More information is available at AG224.
  • AG225 RiverRes – This AG stimulates river restoration projects by developing decision support tools to optimize and balance environmental and socio-economic pressures. Lead partner is Confederación Hidrográfica del Duero. More information is available at AG225.
  • AG228 NatureWat – This AG aims to aggregate and consolidate the sector of nature-based technologies (green infrastructures) and to define and commercialize marketable technologies. Lead partner is Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech. More information is available at AG228.

The four new Action Groups will work in several EIP Water priority areas: The Action Group Photocatalysis will primarily work in the EIP Water priority area of water re-use and recycling; the Action Group Smart Rivers Network will primarily work on water governance; the Action Group RiverRes will work on ecosystems services and water governance, while the Action Group NatureWat will work on the priority area of ecosystems services.

The “family of EIP Water projects” now includes 29 Action Groups and 11 INNOdemo projects which are all at the forefront of delivering concrete results and lasting impact. They address European and global water challenges with innovative solutions and support a better implementation of European water policy which is specifically important in reference to the European Water Framework Directive (WFD). 

Various EIP Water Action Groups engage and collaborate at regional and local level with cities, regional governments, water boards, regulators and operators and, by doing so, support a better water policy implementation. Action Groups also provide input to new policy development consultations and regulatory harmonization processes between regions and various regulatory domains. Action Groups do this with an upwards practice-based approach, which gives their input and recommendations specific strength for uptake into these policy-making processes. 

More statistical information on the call results in the context of the overall portfolio of Action Groups is published on the EIP Water SlideShare account www.slideshare.net/eip-water.

We take this opportunity to congratulate the new Action Groups on their excellent proposals and promising activities and look forward to our collaboration in: Boosting opportunities - Innovating water!