EIP Water Steering Group Renewal - Public Call for Expressions of Interest

EIP Water Steering Group Renewal - Public Call for Expressions of Interest


The European Innovation Partnership on Water has entered into its second phase, which focuses on the delivery of impacts in fostering the uptake of innovations to address the key water challenges as identified within the Strategic Implementation Plan (priority areas: Water reuse and recycling; Water and wastewater treatment, including recovery of resources; Water-energy nexus; Flood and drought risk management; Ecosystem services. Cross-cutting priorities: Water governance; Decision support systems and monitoring; Financing for innovation).

In order to form a renewed Steering Group by involving new members for the next three years, EIP Water is publishing a call for Expressions of Interest. Information on the role of the Steering Group and its composition in 2015 can be found here

Each candidate will be ranked on the following main criterion:

  • Quality of the application in terms of results-oriented commitment, ambition to further increase EIP Water’s impact (as by the Strategic Implementation Plan), and relevant executive level of the applicant.

The overall composition of the Steering Group is a second criterion; we are looking for:

  • Balanced water sector wide representation is to be ensured to maintain a broad legitimacy  of the EIP Water; taking into account:
  • Public and private (commercial and non-commercial) organisations
  • Environmental, agricultural, rural, urban and industry related organisations
  • Geographic representativeness across the EU and global expertise
  • Stakeholders from the entire innovation chain, with a particular emphasis on those in the final steps and innovation process supporters
  • Gender balance

Application for EIP Water Steering Group membership for the 2016-2018 period (Deadline for submission: 31 January 2016)









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Organisation(s) represented

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Personal contribution and ambition (2016-2018)


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Please submit your Expression of Interest by the deadline to contact@eip-water.eu