EIP Water Monitoring & Evaluation Report 2015

EIP Water Monitoring & Evaluation Report 2015

The EIP Water has been established in the second half of 2012. The Task Force and Steering Group met for the first time in September of that year. This short report summarises the most important activities and achievements of the EIP Water during the last 3 1/2 years.

The communication COM(2012) 216 final defined 4 operational targets and 4 outputs which have all been achieved. Among them are the endorsement of a Strategic Implementation Plan, the establishment of a functioning platform for cooperation, the establishment of a Marketplace, the achievement of first results in removing innovation barriers and the development of innovation sites. 7 meetings of the Steering Group and 6 meetings of the Task Force have guided the process so far.

Water innovations are being developed and implemented by EIP Water Action Groups. This form of cooperation was introduced by the EIP Water in order to complement other existing forms of innovation support. 29 Action Groups have been selected in 3 different calls out of 115 applications. The monitoring shows that AGs are a dynamic form of cooperation that attracted numerous new participants. A total of 600 entities is currently involved in the AG’s work and 1/4of the Groups succeeded in acquiring new financing since starting as an AG. A total of more than 100 testing sites and pilot facilities have been established so far to test, demonstrate and disseminate the innovations. However, a survey revealed that there is an urgent need and demand for new sources of financing for a large number of planned additional testing facilities. In cooperation with the Action Groups and the secretariat of the EIP Water, a number of documents has been developed and published. These cover a wide range of topics from assessments of the state of the art, methodologies, market surveys and also inventories of other innovation hubs, financing sources and the like.

An important and very successful instrument of the EIP Water are the annual conferences on Water Innovation. 3 conferences (Brussels, Barcelona and Leeuwarden) have attracted a total of almost 1300 attendees. The visitors provided excellent evaluations of the conference with an overall mark of 3.8, 4.2 and 4.3 respectively (on a scale from 1 low -5 high). The marks improved from one conference to the next as did the number of registrations and participants. The evaluation reveals that 80% of the visitor’s expectations were fulfilled. In addition to that an increasing number of side events and project meetings accompanied the conferences and contributed to develop one of the most significant annual events on water innovation.

Communication plays an important role in the work of the EIP Water. It is crucial to involve and support relevant stakeholders from technology suppliers to water managers in innovation processes. Communication helps to establish a vital marketplace for water related innovations and to disseminate success stories and solutions.

The EIP Water has established different building blocks for communication. These are

  • EIP Water Marketplace including
    • Innovation directories (searchable public database for innovative projects, products and services)
    • Common working environment and web presence for Action Groups
    • Matchmaking tools to find project partners and to establish cooperation
    • Public webspace for documents, events, announcements
  • EIP Water Newsletter (monthly)
  • EIP Water conference (annual)
  • EIP Water slidershare, youtube and other social media representations

The success of communication activities of the EIP Water can be measured by numbers of visitors, document downloads, Newsletter subscriptions, page views and the like. The following bullet points list the most significant numbers (for further details please refer to the annual monitoring report of the EIP Water at www.eip-water.eu)

  • Marketplace
    • More than 500,000 page views since publication (600 per day in average)
    • 2,200 registered users
    • 14,000 documents downloaded from the Marketplace
  • Newsletter; Since March 2013 30 editions of the EIP Water newsletter have been written and 107,000 copies have been sent to subscribers.
  • Slideshare account; this source for information on the EIP Water provides currently 50 different presentations (mainly from the EIP Water Conferences) for the general public. More than 35,000 visitors viewed these presentations which makes the EIP Water’s slideshare account a successful and efficient dissemination pathway.