EIP Water @ InvestH2O

EIP Water @ InvestH2O

On Friday 16 June, the EIP Water Secretariat made a brief online video-presentation on cooperation opportunities in water innovation between the US and the EU at the InvestH2O event, held in Austin, Texas, US. The key content addressed:

What are the various initiatives in place in the EU for promoting investment into water technology companies? 

There are several initiatives, like EIP Water, Innovation deals, and the communication of Horizon 2020 and Life research & innovation project results plays a major role for brining innovation to companies.

The EU has some specific funding lines, out of which the most relevant are:
1.    Horizon 2020 for research and innovation projects, with an increased industry and user-participation in comparison to previous programmes
2.    The European Investment Bank's InnovFin, with lending and risk-financing mechanisms to pass the 'valley of death'
3.    The European Fund for Strategic Investment, a co-financing of larger investment which can cover innovation. So far 4 projects have started under 'water'

What are the programs that support exports of and collaboration with EU water technology and the US? 
Horizon 2020 - http://ec.europa.eu/research/iscp/index.cfm?pg=usa has an agreement signed recently to involve the US. EU Research cooperation with USA | International Since then, 514 US participants in 410 signed grant agreements, with a total EU contribution of 81.96 million euros .

What should Texas know about EU needs and opportunities, and what should Texas be doing to work with EU? 
1    Eight priority areas have been chosen for the EIP Water:
Water reuse and recycling
Water and wastewater treatment, including recovery of resources
Water-energy nexus
Flood and drought risk management
Ecosystem services
Water governance
Decision support systems and monitoring
Financing for innovation

More at https://www.eip-water.eu/about/priorities 

2    Identifying needs, weaknesses and challenges from EU water technology/innovation users is not easy.

3    For river basin management, the key challenges are specified at: https://www.eip-water.eu/how-can-research-projects-contribute-solve-wate... and include aspects like monitoring of priority substances, quantification of diffuse emissions, monitoring methods to identify hydrological alterations, action to reduce and prevent nitrates pollution, sewer overflows, ... 
How can research projects contribute to solve water challenges - the case of the Water Framework Directive (WFD)? | EIP Water
www.eip-water.eu. In spring 2015, the European Commission presented a Communication (COM/2015/0120 final) and a number of reports on the implementation of the Water Framework and Floods Directives, and these were subject to further discussion and outlooks at the 4th EU Water Conference.....

4 Regarding the urban water cycle and industrial water use, we will develop specific sessions at the EIP Water conference in Portugal (27-28 September 2017) and specific events are held - often in the UK, e.g. WRc Innovation Days. More at https://www.eip-water.eu/eip-water-conference-2017-water-innovation-brid... . EIP Water Conference 2017 - Water Innovation: Bridging ... www.eip-water.eu - Autumn will see 7 days of excitement as Porto hosts the 4th EIP Water conference as part of the Porto Water Innovation Week (PWIW). From September 24 - 30, some 800 ...

5   Team up with some EU R&D centres - have a look at our assessment of Innovation Hubs at https://www.eip-water.eu/resources 
The EIP Water has taken a look at various kinds of “Water Innovation Hubs” or “Alliances”. The objective is to develop a continuously growing overview of ...