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The company Smile Rain markets an innovative drinking water station (Smile Rain Drink), which collects, stores, filters, treats rainwater (without added chemicals) and distributes controlled quality drinking water. On the spot, every day of the year.
Connected and autonomous energy (photovoltaic), Smile Rain Drink is designed to facilitate local water management, a control interface is dedicated to the user. A maintenance interface, a control and a remote management of the data * collected on site make it possible to guarantee the good operation of the installations and the traceability of the quality of the distributed water containing per container.
* Quality and quantity of water collected, stored and distributed. Air quality, weather conditions.
Each user is assigned a recyclable, identifiable and reusable container * dedicated to the consumption of drinking water, a code integrated in the container and an account.
* Participation in reducing the use of disposable plastic bottles and their releases into the wild.
The user connects to the water fountain by placing its container under it or via the control interface. The container recognized, the distribution of drinking water can be made.
Smile Rain Drink integrates a water treatment dedicated to rainwater (filtration, mineralization, potabilisation). Drinking water produced has a residual character.
Cost-effective solution while respecting a low cost of distributed drinking water.