Consultation requested in public procurement for innovation in the water sector

Consultation requested in public procurement for innovation in the water sector

Water PiPP, an EU funded project and member of the EIP Water Action Group FinnoWater, wishes to explore across Europe the experience in public procurement for innovation in the water sector.

For that reason, Water PiPP has launched a brief questionnaire (4 minutes to fill out): what is your experience in this area, what recommendations can you share with us, are you interested in getting involved in influencing related new policy recommendations, or in the support of Water PiPP?
To download and start the questionnaire, please click this link 
Please return your filled-out questionnaire to email address: by October 25, 2015
Water PiPP is an EU funded project that explores and tests new public procurement methodologies for innovation in the water sector, aiming to unlock the European Union’s innovation potential through public procurement in the water sector. For more see: WaterPiPP




I'm simply,.. native INNOVATOR Engineer, I have intensive innovation for Water desalination using RE- called 
Innovative DIRECT Renewable Energy Seawater Desalination Plant
its combined of many trends but the key benefits are very intensive like
1-           Very much Eco friendly and matched.
2-           Many renewable Sources to be merged and combined together in one Energy form without need to convert to Electricity.
3-           Very high-daily and annually production duty cycle.
4-           Overall High efficiency than any other techniques.
5-           Low cost factor relative to its capacity. 
6-           Medium and low tech required to manufacture, maintain and operate.
as well many benefits among most of used trends,
Based on my talent to innovate as well over 30 years of mixed engineering fields and practical experiences, I can achieve the building of that new trend I'm able to adapt creativity & technology to build up Market potential of Innovative life Trends.

I'm want to know how it is possible to Join your project or seeking funding to my innovation to start its building, please guide me how to do that either through your Organization or any other organizations.

Thanks for your consideration

Nasser Shahbou
+1 917415 6778