Comparative Study of Pressures and Measures - Innovation

Comparative Study of Pressures and Measures - Innovation

This study, divided into a number of sub-tasks, analysed several aspects of water management, taking the 1st RBMPs and the Commission's initial assessment thereof as a starting point. Where use has been made of the results from this study in the Blueprint Impact Assessment or the Commission Staff Working Document accompanying the 3rd WFD Implementation Report, clear reference is made to it in those documents. Please note that the study reports were prepared by consultants contracted by the European Commission, and the reports do not necessarily reflect the views of the Commission.


Development of innovative solutions will enable the European water sector to meet the challenges imposed by regulatory, demographic and climatic pressures. There is also an opportunity for the sector to support economic growth through the commercialisation of these innovations both at a European and global scale. The European Innovation Partnership on Water (EIP) has been established to encourage and facilitate this innovation.


To understand how regulatory pressures created by the Water Framework Directive translate into measures and actions within River Basin Management Plans (RBMP) that create opportunities for innovations. Through examples, identify how an EIP might best support the creation and delivery of innovative solutions and link this to governance and integration with existing initiatives and innovation platforms.

Main content

Analysis of RBMPs highlights the opportunities for innovation, which together with a review of existing initiatives and platforms provides priorities for the EIP to consider. Consideration is given to governance of the EIP on water to promote good stakeholder engagement. A selection of examples of innovations provides a perspective on the factors that influence success or failure in wider implementation and commercialisation of innovative solutions.