COI Center of Innovation Program

COI Center of Innovation Program

The Center of Innovation (COI) Program of the Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST) promotes challenging and high-risk R&D to realize its vision for an ideal society.

The JST is one of the core institutions responsible for the implementation of science and technology policy in Japan, including the government's Science and Technology Basic Plan.

From knowledge creation - the wellspring of innovation - to ensuring that the fruits of research are shared with society and Japan's citizens, JST undertakes its mission in a comprehensive manner. JST also plays a key role in providing a wide range of information on science and technology in Japan and works to raise awareness and understanding of science and technology related issues, as well as undertaking strategic international activities related to Japan's science and technology policy.


Activity Content Focus
  • Analytical tools & models
  • Best practice methods & case studies
  • Demo-sites and/or test facilities
  • Optimise linkage to education & R& D system
  • Water governance
  • Non-water sector
Technology Stage
  • Early stage
Partnership Type
  • Public led technology collaboration
Hub Type
  • Network













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