Aims, vision and headline target

The aims of the EIP Water are:

  1. “To facilitate, support and speed up the development and deployment of innovative solutions to water challenges; and
  2. To create market opportunities for these innovations both inside and outside of Europe.”

The vision of the EIP Water is:

“To stimulate creative and innovative solutions that contribute significantly to tackling water challenges at the European and global level, while these solutions are stimulating sustainable economic growth and job creation”.

In order to reach the aims of the EIP Water, a wide perspective to innovation needs to be taken into account that embraces new products, processes and ways of working in the public as well as the private sector. In addition to research and technology, drivers to innovation such as financing, awareness-raising, ICT, governance, training and others need to be integrated in order to successfully identify and remove barriers to innovation and to ensure the uptake of innovative solutions. In addition, a global perspective is required, as many innovative actions are based on cooperation with international partners, or target international opportunities.

By 2020 the European Innovation Partnership on Water aims to achieve the following headline target:

“Identify, test, scale up, disseminate and stimulate market uptake of innovative solutions for eight major water related challenges”.

Progress is assessed within the EIP Water Monitoring & Evaluation reports for 201320142015 and 2016.