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The European Innovation Partnership on Water - EIP Water in short - aims to boost opportunities for innovation in the water sector. It facilitates the development of innovative solutions and approaches that contribute to economic growth, solve societal challenges, create jobs and enhance Europe’s competitiveness.

This Online Marketplace (MP) is the EIP Water's online collaboration platform for information exchange, matchmaking and teaming-up of public and private sector experts, organisations and resources. As such, it offers several opportunities for digital marketing co-operation and mutual reinforcement of its partners' online presence. The following overview presents the main features and services we provide for our Online Marketplace partnerships. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information and start a mutually reinforcing online co-operation! 

Please contact us at attaching the specified information for each field - see below.

Opportunity / Feature

Area in MP

What do we offer

What we need from you

Become an information source of the EIP Water News Aggregator
Your website / online platform becomes one of the sources of the specialised news aggregator for water innovation on the EIP Water Online Marketplace, which is read by the MP's registered users involved in water innovation development!
Information needed:
Provide your news source(s) as URL in a good, machine-readable format (favoured: RSS format)
Become an official EIP Water partner organisation
Be listed in the EIP Water MP partners area as an official EIP Water partner:
Remark: this co-operation is based on concrete partnerships agreed with the EIP on Water secretariat only.
Partner Information needed:
Title, link, logo, text on your organisation's role in water innovation
Publish your news item, or other article (science, technology, policy etc.)
related to Water Innovation in the Marketplace showcase area
Inform the EIP on Water community about important news in the Showcase area!
News article information needed
  • Title (max. 100 characters)
  • Abstract (max 200 characters)
  • Article (max 1.500 characters incl. weblinks)
  • 1 Photo / logo
  • Up to 3 documents for upload
Remark: all numbers of characters given including spaces.
Publish your event in the Marketplace event area
Publish your water innovation related events on the Online Marketplace to promote them and to inform the EIP on Water community:
Event information needed
  • Title (max. 100 characters)
  • Abstract (max 200 characters)
  • 1 Photo / logo
  • URL reference 
Remark: all numbers of characters given including spaces.
Publish a resource / get listed in the Resources Area
Publish your resources and / or get listed as an important (online) resource for Water Innovation (Document, ppt, infographic, data, other digital file and/or Information Source)
The Online Marketplace acts as a single point of access to information, as an information hub - so become part of this hub to inform the community about your information source(s)!
Resource Description needed
  • Title (max. 100 characters)
  • Text (max 1.500 characters incl. weblinks)
  • Logo / Image
  • Type of Source
  • Country
  • Language
  • Link
Remark: all numbers of characters given including spaces.


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