AGWA Akron Global Water Alliance

AGWA Akron Global Water Alliance

In response to the escalating concern over water quality, the Akron Global Water Alliance (AGWA) was formed in Northeast Ohio USA to face the challenge of how to effectively manage, treat and distribute clean water. Located near the shores of the world’s largest body of fresh water, the Great Lakes, AGWA has access to an abundant supply of water from Ohio lakes, rivers, streams, reservoirs and aquifers. AGWA’s Solution AGWA initiates, implements and commercializes the top water systems and technologies from across the U.S. and the world by forming and developing mutually beneficial partnerships on a local, national and international level. Using its extensive global network, AGWA develops pilot projects that connect state-of-the-art technology with proven business experience and local expertise, as well as valuable financial incentives. AGWA start by seeking domestic and international water companies, utilities, organizations and institutions that have leading-edge technologies, systems and solutions. They connect these innovators with appropriate investors and partners in order to:

• Access resources outside their own markets (without relocation) • Align and collaborate with experienced R&D partners

• Gain practical applications to demonstrate success

• Identify and develop practical applications and commercialization opportunities

• Enter and establish themselves in the U.S. market

• Deliver their water solutions throughout the U.S. and around the world

By helping to develop advanced technologies related to improved water and wastewater management, water reclamation and infrastructure systems, AGWA helps ensure the region's community’s continued access to a clean water supply and provides the benefits of these systems to other communities and countries around the world.


Activity Content Focus
  • Library search function & data sets
  • Technology roadmaps & innovation trends
  • Knowledge exchange forums
  • Expert assistance teams
  • Optimise technical standards
  • Optimise linkage to education & R& D system
  • Water re-use and recycling
  • Water and waste water treatment
  • Smart technologies
Technology Stage
  • Early stage
Partnership Type
  • Public led technology collaboration
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  • Cluster














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