ACQUEAU Open Calls

ACQUEAU supports near water-market projects, in order to facilitate the development of innovative products, processes and systems in the water sector. Acting as an intermediary between project participants and funding agencies, our mission is to deliver the EUREKA ∑! label, which facilitates access to national funding for participants. The label is granted after an extensive technical evaluation process called Open Call. The internationally recognized EUREKA ∑! label adds value to R&D project by certifying its innovative potential in terms of market success, financial viability and high returns on investment. Project participants thus gain a crucial competitive edge in their dealings with financial, technical and commercial partners.

ACQUEAU Open Call is a two-stage submission and evaluation process. It delivers the EUREKA ∑! label  

Who can apply

The consortium must comprise at least two partners from two different participating countries (link:; while the contribution from any given country must not exceed 70% of the total budget. In parallel, the contribution from any one partner (affiliated organisations count as one partner) must not exceed 70% of the total budget either. The active participation of SMEs, research institutes or universities is strongly encouraged but not mandatory.


The spring session 2016 is now closed. Next call is expected to open in autumn 2016.

Thematic focus

ACQUEAU has a road map, which is described in the Blue Book 2. The focus is on nine technology areas:
1. Water resources and alternative sources
2. Water treatment
3. Water distribution
4. Customer services
5. Agriculture
6. Industry
7. Urban drainage and wastewater collection
8. Wastewater treatment
9. Biosolids

And on five technology needs:
1. Membranes technologies
2. Real Time system management
3. Low energy waste water treatment
4. Materials for pipes and coating
5. Low energy processes for disinfection & oxidation