Access to the Chinese Market for Water Technologies.

Access to the Chinese Market for Water Technologies.

A new initiative, headed by the China Europe Water Platform and supported by the EU Partnership Instrument, will strengthen European Companies’ opportunities to et access to Chinese Market for Water Technologies.

The Chinese Water Market is set for long-term growth. The Challenges regarding both Water Supply and Water Quality are immense, but also fully recognized by the Chinese Authorities. Large-scale Investment Programs have been initiated to bring the ambitious targets set in the 13th 5Year Plan to be realized.

At the same time, this market is considered to constitute substantial difficulties for international companies. How to get Access to this market? Which part of China to prioritize? How to find relevant information? How to find customers, innovation project partners, business partners and investors?

The China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) will offer a series of Access Programs, which will aim at assisting European Companies in addressing these questions, hereby reducing the transaction costs significantly. The Access Programs will take place at side-events at selected Water Tech Expos, distributed evenly all over China, and with a focus on market segments which suits to the priority water challenge of this part of the country. Further, a number of events will take place in Europe.

The Access Programs will provide insights on current and, in particular, future market requirements for water tech solutions (taking into account key game changers  - upcoming regulatory changes, circular economy and digitalization), and offer matchmaking for building of innovation partnerships as well as open innovation processes based on concrete challenges.

Upcoming CEWP Access Programs will take place at IFAT Munich, May 2018; CWEC Conference, Qingdao, end of June, 2018; and the International Import Expo Event in Shanghai, early November, 2018. For further info, visit