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Cooperation with existing initiatives and related organisations is a key element of all European Innovation Partnerships. EIP Water supports the coordination of multi-stakeholder activities for the development of water-related innovations. So far, EIP Water has established cooperation agreements with the initiatives and organisations shown below. If you are interested in partnering with EIP Water or collaborating with one of our working groups, please contact us.

EIP Water and ACQUEAU, an Industry and Business led water network and the EUREKA Cluster for water, have started collaborating closely and mutually support each other to boost innovation in the European water sector. ACQUEAU is an initiative supported by more than 25 countries and 70+ companies across Europe and aims to promote innovation and market driven solutions to develop new technologies in the water sector.


The China Europe Water Platform was launched at the 6th World Water Forum in Marseille, France, by signing of a Joint Statement between the Ministry of Water Resources of the People’s Republic of China and the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, represented by the Danish Minister of the Environment.

A sustained cooperation on management of water as a crucial natural resource is of strategic importance to China and Europe to avert a future global water crisis and its potential impacts on social and economic development and stability, especially achieving water supply security, food security and ecological security including the ability to sustain a sound vegetation cover mitigating climate change.

The China Europe Water Platform (CEWP) is intended to promote policy dialogue, joint research and business development in the water sector. It opens a new chapter in the cooperation between China and Europe based on mutual interest, benefit and funding, thus emphasising that it is a cooperation between equal partners.

The  CEWP is a new regional component of the EU Water Initiative. It is administered by two secretariats hosted and financed by the Ministry of Water Resources on behalf of China and by the Ministry of the Environment of Denmark on behalf of the EU and its Member States. EU member states as well as government agencies, research institutions, private sector companies and international organisations in both China and Europe are invited to co-lead specific themes or topics. Eleven European countries have expressed interest as co-lead countries. The Colead Level will be implemented through Inception Workshops taking place in the beginning of 2014. Further information will be made available at

European Technology Platform for Water WssTP

WssTP is the European Technology Platform for Water. Initiated by the European Commission in 2004, WssTP strives to promote coordination and collaboration of Research and Innovation in the European water sector, improve its competitiveness, and contribute to solving water-related societal challenges. WssTP consists of 96 members and a network of more than 700 individuals from Industry, research, technology providers, policy makers and water users.

Since its launch, WssTP has succeeded in developing a Water Vision, a Strategic Research Agenda, and an Implementation Document, complemented by many thematic publications. Based on these three key documents, WssTP has been proactive in identifying the key research activities and gaps to be filled throughout the water cycle as well as involving the European Water sector and its supply chain in this common water vision.

WssTP has an 8-year track-record in acting as a catalyst for the formation and launch of EU projects that bring together cross-sector collaborators who in turn will address water-related societal and economic challenges through innovative solutions; among them Aquafit4use, E4Water, TRUST, Prepared and ChemWater.

Since its inception WssTP has been a key supporter of the EIP on water. WssTP represents a key mechanism to further coordinate research, demonstration and pilot projects in the water sector.

To learn more about WssTP, please take a look at our corporate presentation here

A JOINT DECLARATION BY THE REPUBLIC OF INDIA AND THE EUROPEAN UNION (EU) ON AN INDIA-EU WATER PARTNERSHIP (IEWP) has been undersigned on 30 March 2016, with the Objective to strengthen technological, scientific and management capabilities of India and the EU in the field of water management on the basis of equality, reciprocity and mutual benefit. The AREAS OF COOPERATION between India and the EU endeavour to encourage and promote cooperation can be found here:

SusChem is the European Technology Platform for Sustainable Chemistry. It was created in 2004 as a joint initiative between Cefic, DECHEMA, EuropaBio, GDCh, ESAB and RSC with the main objective to revitalize and inspire European chemistry and industrial biotechnology research, development and innovation in a sustainable way.

Since its launch in 2004 SusChem has established the chemical sciences and sustainability as central components of the European Union’s essential knowledge base to make Europe more successful and improve its citizens’ quality of life.

Sustainability and competitiveness are strategic priorities for SusChem. Progress on sustainability, competitiveness and environment protection are intimately linked.

SusChem believes that sustainable chemistry can help inspire the change of pace and mindset that is needed to make the vision of a sustainable, smart and inclusive society a reality.

The Joint Programming Initiative “Water Challenges for a Changing World” (the Water JPI) is an intergovernmental initiative with the vision of achieving sustainable water systems for a sustainable economy in Europe and abroad.

Current National investments in water Research, Development and Innovation have been estimated at 370 M€/yr, while the European Commission invests 130 M€/yr through the Framework Programme. This results in a total European investment of about 500 M€/yr. Europe currently leads water Research and Innovation in the world, with about one third of the scientific publications and patents. The European water business, estimated at 100 G€, also represents one-third of the world market.

The Water JPI aims at strengthening European leadership and competitiveness in the field of water Research and Innovation whilst safeguarding water resources. The Water JPI goal is to harmonise, and to mobilise National and Regional Research, Development and Innovation (RDI) Programmes.

The Initiative is led by Spain (Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, MINECO), as coordinator, and by The Netherlands (Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment, MINIENM), as co-coordinator. A total of eighteen countries are partners of this initiative, while five additional countries play the role of observers. The European Commission is partner number nineteen (as a non-voting partner). Partner and Observer countries are distributed across the EU. Three FP7 Associated Countries are Partners of this JPI.

The Water JPI launched its Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda on 30 May 2013. It is a collective, shared and forward-looking exercise identifying and prioritising directions for Research, Development and Innovation. Moreover it is intended to guide the development of Water JPI activities in 2013 and 2014, to inform stakeholders on the status of agenda developments and to contribute to sustaining an effective, mutually beneficial dialogue with Horizon 2020.

The JPI “Water Challenges for a Changing World” addresses a wide variety of topics related to water science, technology and management. JPIs will play a crucial role in the European Research Area (ERA) and in “Horizon 2020”, the new Framework Programme for Research and Innovation taking over from FP7. In addition, the Water JPI is committed to be a major player in the European Innovation Partnership (EIP) on Water.

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