Get involved

The EIP Water is set up as a multi-stakeholder entity with the objective of contributing to and facilitating more innovation collaboration in the water sector in Europe and globally, while seizing market opportunities.

The EIP Water addresses the full innovation value chain in the field of sustainable water management and innovation supply and demand. It involves stakeholders from public and private institutions, research and knowledge institutes, technology development, NGOs, SMEs, financial sector, ICT, and various water using industries. Some of the instruments of the EIP Water may also be of interest to media and the general public.

According to its partnership approach, different levels of involvement have been defined, and the EIP Water requires the active participation of interested parties to work in Action Groups or get involved in the EIP-Water tools.

The EIP Water aims to involve all stakeholders in the water sector in the best possible and most efficient manner. There are six main reasons for getting involved:

  1. Joint development and transfer of innovation
  2. Visibility and exposure
  3. Network opportunities
  4. Access to EIP Water tools facilitating water innovation
  5. Support policy development to remove barriers to innovation, including the deployment of financial mechanisms
  6. Access to water and innovation related information