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In this part of the online marketplace you find sections describing current activities and bodies of the EIP Water. Applicants for new action groups should visit the application forum (not active when the call is not open). To receive up-to-date information and join these groups, please browse the sections below.

At the core of EIP Water are its voluntary multi-stakeholder Action Groups; these are the central element of EIP Water's implementation phase. The first nine Action Groups were selected and established in May 2013; their partners develop, test, scale up, disseminate and stimulate the uptake of innovations by the market and society for major water-related challenges. An EIP Water Action Group is formalised via Calls for Expression of Commitment and a short evaluation phase of proposals considering EIP Water's eight priority areas.

If you are interested in becoming part of any of the Action Groups, please access the contact given at the specific Action Group sites on the Marketplace. Note that you have to be a registered Marketplace user to access the corresponding information. The Action Group shall come back to you on this request.

EIP Water is led by a Steering Group consisting of 27 high-level representatives of relevant stakeholder groups and spanning both the demand and supply sides of innovation. The Steering Group meets twice a year to provide strategic guidance and recommendations to the European Commission on policy and implementation and, together with the EU Commission, is the decision-making body of EIP Water.

The EIP Water Task Force is composed of 45 stakeholder representatives and supports the Steering Group with technical advice and expertise. It enables stakeholder groups and enablers for water and innovation to meet and discuss the strategic agenda for water and innovation, plays an important role in coordinating EIP Water activities, and mandates the development of EIP Water tools.

Expert groups, comprising of co-opted experts, can be created by the Task Force to provide the necessary background analysis and input for decision-making. An “Industry Expert Group on Barriers to Innovation” is currently supporting the activities of EIP Water.

The various activities and bodies of EIP Water are supported by a Secretariat, which works under the supervision of the European Commission. You can contact EIP Water Secretariat here.

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The aim of this Action Group is the development of an anaerobic membrane reactor.

Commercialize value chains for resources from the water cycle, in particular iron from drinking water production, phosphorous from waste water and cellulose from waste water.

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Develop proof of concept that bring together in-situ sensors (technology and participatory observations/crowd sourcing) and remote sensing.

Build business case of low-cost real-time detection and mitigation techniques to address drug metabolite and other difficult to control pollutants.

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Build solutions that support SMEs in business development and commercialization in international markets via national water partnerships.

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Improve water efficiency and sustainability in water and sanitation services through the roll-out a benchmarking process that covers the entire water cycle.

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This project is dedicated to practice-oriented and applicable ecosystem services valuation and management systems. The group aims to deliver a consensual and agreed methodology to assess the...

Build business case of energy production in delta with innovation in non-tidal hydropower.

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The FINNOWATER Action Group intends to explore, develop and implement new approaches to increase financial flows in the water (and water-related) sector.

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The objective of this Action Group is to develop new methodologies for industrial water re-use and recycling and with the aid of these new methodologies, develop and implement (local) innovative...

Build solutions, based on nine case studies, with inclusion of ecological modelling, economic incentives and risk aspects.

Commercialize microbial electrochemical, zero energy technologies to treat urban and industrial wastewater and recover/synthesize.

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Build solutions in coastal managed aquifer recharging, based on specific monitoring- and management approaches and specific financing/pricing models.

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Proof of concept of modular low cost concept WWTP in real scale demo sites in different countries by 2017.

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Build business case of combining demand-led high-energy-efficient irrigation systems and photovoltaic pumping stations.

The Action Group will promote the use of desalination powered by renewable energy, as an environmentally friendly and decentralised solution for sustainable water supply.

Develop an integrated toolbox for water scarcity detection, diagnostics and DSS for water re-distribution in water scarcity areas.

Technology and market development across all relevant domains of water management, including legislation, standardisation and awareness raising.

The Action Group aims at establishing and implementing a methodology on "Smart Pricing and Drought Insurance Schemes in Mediterranean Countries".